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Szabó Csaba SEO szakértő

Let me introduce myself!

Hi! My name is Csaba SZABO, your dedicated SEO Tailor. I’ve been in the SEO industry since 2017. I’m a former Head of SEO, speaker, and currently an International SEO Consultant. After hundreds of SEO projects & many valuable experiences, I decided to pursue my freelancing dreams.

I love online marketing, especially SEO and CRO! I believe that in marketing the devil is indeed in the details: a tiny change, seemingly nitpicky, can have a huge, positive effect on your business performance.

My goal is to create value with the tools of SEO. A value that can achieve a company’s business goals in a tangible way, whether it’s increasing organic traffic, ranking better, or achieving a higher conversion rate.

You are in international hands

I can provide you with SEO and CRO services in the following languages.

Magyarország zászló
Egyesült Királyság zászló
Német zászló
Horvát zászló

Possessing foreign language skills – more precisely: knowing a foreign culture – can give us a very strong competitive edge. Depending on the actual market, we must employ different SEO tactics.

Characteristics like different search intent, needs, search volume, and competitiveness can vary significantly from market to market. In terms of international SEO, we must carry out more thorough analyses to succeed.

The more international experience an SEO has, the more we can trust their professionalism. And the more likely you’ll see tangible results.

I have experience in these markets… and I’m eager to expand this list!

Magyarország zászló
Svájc zászló
Egyesült Királyság zászló
Francia zászló
Románia zászló

How can I help you?

Organic traffic growth icon
Growing your organic traffic

To increase the volume and quality of traffic from organic channels (especially Google search). Also, if you want to become more visible to your users.

Conversion Rate Optimization icon
Increasing your average conversion rate

4 conversions out of 100, instead of 3. It can make a huge difference!

Conversion Rate Optimization is your go-to solution if you want to be more successful in converting your users.

We can achieve this by running proper A/B tests to find out what might be wrong or missing in your site that discourages your users from converting.

Custom solutions icon
Custom solutions

Are you in need of a custom (faceted) navigation? Has your organic traffic just suddenly dropped? Or do you have a complicated problem that needs custom analysis? These tasks are my favorite!

Where could you have heard about me?

I’m grateful that I could present at the Spring 2021 BrightonSEO, even as a newcomer at the time. Perhaps you’ve come across my presentation there.

Or – if you speak Hungarian – you might also recognize me from my articles or from appearances at webinars and in-person conferences.

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Trusted by well-known brands

It has been and continues to be an honor to work with such fantastic companies. I hope to see yours next in line!

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What do my clients say about me?

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Let’s get in touch!

Would you like to work together? Got a question for me? Or would you like to just have a nice chat about SEO and online marketing in general? Don’t hesitate to contact me!