Csaba Szabo, International SEO Consultant

Let me introduce myself!

BrightonSEO 2021 speaker. Former Head of SEO. Watch my video introduction!

What is it like to work with me?

Frankly speaking, I think it’s amazing – well, at least according to the feedback I’ve received so far.:) But on a more serious note: thoroughness, reliability, and transparent communication are a must. I won’t settle for less.

Furthermore, I won’t bore you with unnecessary SEO lingo or shenanigans; instead, I’ll focus on optimizing the elements of your website that matter. In a way, that will bring you tangible results and a fancy ROI.

Szabó Csaba SEO szakértő

I believe that being an expert on this field is a huge responsibility. Considering that through my work, I directly impact a company’s business performance and indirectly impact how users perceive its brand.

As such, you can’t do this in a laissez-faire way. It can only be done with a thorough, in-depth analysis that considers the client’s goals, industry, and business characteristics.

SEO is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. If you meet a consultant claiming the opposite, wish them a good day, and leave politely!

A good SEO consultant understands the client’s business processes and tailors the action plan & recommendations so that those can be easily integrated into their processes.

It is also important to educate my clients. After all, how could they see the value of these recommendations if they don’t understand them? One of my biggest strengths is that I can explain even the most complex concepts in plain English.

You are in international hands!

I can provide my SEO and CRO services in 4 languages: English, Hungarian (native), German, and Croatian.

Magyarország zászló
Egyesült Királyság zászló
Német zászló
Horvátország zászló

It might surprise you that knowing a specific foreign language is not a prerequisite for successful SEO work (well, except for English). I have managed successful SEO projects in the Norwegian and French-Swiss markets, even without speaking either of these languages.

However, it is still a highly valuable skill. The devil is in the details: a solid foreign language skill is more about knowing the culture behind that language. With this deep understanding of a culture, an SEO can thus provide a more effective service.

I have gained practical experience in the following markets so far, and I hope I’ll be able to do SEO in many more in the future:

Magyarország zászló
Svájc zászló
Egyesült Királyság zászló
Francia zászló
Románia zászló

Where could you have heard about me?

You might have watched my talk at the Spring 2021 BrightonSEO. Or – if you speak Hungarian – you might also recognize me from my articles or from my appearances at webinars & in-person conferences. I love educating my audience about SEO!

Why do I love SEO and online marketing?

One of the most captivating parts of SEO for me is the immediate feedback & the level of complexity.

It’s crucial to consider the users’ needs, the client’s interests & opportunities, the other marketing areas, and the competitors’ tactics at once. Altogether, this poses a great challenge and places an enormous responsibility on the SEO consultant, but that’s what I really enjoy about it.

SEO can help us a lot and provide many answers. However, it would be unwise to consider it the non-plus ultra of online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization cannot be truly effective on its own, but rather as an integral part of an online marketing ecosystem, in cooperation with other marketing areas.

The User

The center of online marketing. What does the user need? What is their problem, and how can we satisfy it while making a profit? It’s a difficult task, especially when we try to figure out the user’s online decision-making journey along the way.

But it’s an exciting task nonetheless! The increasing level of organic traffic & improving number of conversions are strong indicators that we are on the right track and are effectively satisfying the users’ needs. And I am happy to have helped a user solve a problem.

The Client

One of the best feelings for me as an SEO is seeing the satisfaction on my clients’ faces. The relief that their problem was finally solved, or they are closer to reaching their goals.

The fact that different companies and niches require SEOs to apply vastly different tactics makes this profession a uniquely thrilling challenge.

Not to mention that a good SEO must get every important stakeholder on board and make them turn into advocates for the SEO project. This can be achieved by A) taking into account their interests and B) making sure the recommendations are easy to integrate into the company’s processes.

Thus, we are increasing the chances of successful implementation and most likely see tangible organic results in the near future.

These elements make online marketing a deeply complex profession, which also means it’s getting exponentially more difficult to be better and better at it. On the other hand, this is precisely why I’m so passionate about it.

How can I help you? 

Organic traffic growth icon
Growing your organic visibility

To increase the volume and quality of traffic from organic channels (especially Google search). Also, if you want to become more visible to your users.

Conversion Rate Optimization icon
Increasing your average conversion rate

4 conversions out of 100, instead of 3. It can make a huge difference!

Conversion Rate Optimization is your go-to solution if you want to be more successful in converting your users.

We can achieve this by running proper A/B tests to find out what might be wrong or missing in your site that discourages your users from converting.

Custom solutions icon
Custom solutions

Are you in need of a custom (faceted) navigation? Has your organic traffic just suddenly dropped? Or do you have a complicated problem that needs custom analysis? These tasks are my favorite!

Trusted by well-known brands

Let my past and ongoing projects speak for themselves. I hope your brand will be the next in line!

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