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What happens after the initial contact?

My goal is to better understand your objectives, navigate your online marketing challenges, and respect your budget. With these insights, I can provide a proposal expertly tailored to your needs. Please feel free to voice any queries, desires, or concerns at any stage of our collaboration!


We discuss together the project, the specific tasks, and your goals.

Most importantly, this is where we find out if we have proper client-consultant chemistry. Without it, we will not start a project.


Based on our discussion I create your custom offer, tailored to your needs.

In this document, I’ll describe the proposed services that can help you achieve your goal; and the format in which you will receive the materials.


We discuss the details of your custom offer: the price, the services, and the planned roadmap. We finetune if needed.

The goal is to finalize the offer in a way that’s the most beneficial for both of us.


We sign the contract and start working together. *whoop whoop!*

As a next step, we’ll review your business processes together and if needed, the functionality of your website, as well. This is important for aligning the SEO processes with your processes.

The fourth step is crucial for bringing all the relevant and most important stakeholders on board, and for ensuring that all the necessary recommendations will be implemented – especially in the case of an enterprise SEO project.