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I can do any SEO task you might need. Furthermore, I have recently started to expand my set of online marketing skills with Conversion Rate Optimization. This is a great complementary to SEO and together they can act as a powerhouse.

During our work, I put a strong emphasis on SEO on a strategic level: aligning the SEO processes with your business processes. This is crucial for getting the most important stakeholders on board, and ensuring that the recommendations will be implemented.

Take a look at my available SEO services in a more detailed manner below!

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If you need SEO know-how, or an external consultant, who is always ready to help solving complex problems.

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SEO audit

Auditing a website is a crucial step for getting an initial idea of how your website is currently doing. And to find opportunities how to improve your organic visibility.

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Keyword research

After all, how could we know what users are looking for exactly, what is their search intent, and what type of content are they looking for? Keyword research is like online market research: indispensable.

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Competitor analysis

You don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel if you want to perform better. Our competitors can give us some pretty good ideas on how to get ahead in the organic performance.

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Custom solution

When you have a complex, ill-structured problem, for which you need a thorough analysis to solve it. For example: creating custom (faceted) navigation or a complicated migration. Custom analysis is my specialty!

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International SEO

Do you want to reach a new, international market? We can do it together! International SEO projects are typically complex and require a deep, comprehensive approach. Both professionally, analytically, and culturally.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is an often neglected way of increasing one’s business, despite being a quite potent one. It can truly make a difference if the actual number of conversions increases from 2 to 4 out of 100.

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Youtube SEO

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, but the logic and the goals of SEO are a bit different on this platform. If it’s important to your target audience, why wouldn’t you want to be visible in this channel?

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Link building

Link building is NOT the ultimate answer to all of your SEO problems. However, quality backlinks are still an important element to increase your website’s authority, thus improving your organic visibility.

 What happens after the initial contact?


We discuss together the project, the specific tasks, and your goals.

Most importantly, this is where we find out if we have proper client-consultant chemistry. Without it, we will not start a project.


Based on our discussion I create your custom offer, tailored to your needs.

In this document, I’ll describe the proposed services that can help you achieve your goal; and the format in which you will receive the materials.


We discuss the details of your custom offer: the price, the services, and the planned roadmap. We finetune if needed.

The goal is to finalize the offer in a way that’s the most beneficial for both of us.


We sign the contract and start working together. *whoop whoop!*

As a next step, we’ll review your business processes together and if needed, the functionality of your website, as well. This is important for aligning the SEO processes with your processes.

The fourth step is crucial for bringing all the relevant and most important stakeholders on board, and for ensuring that all the necessary recommendations will be implemented – especially in the case of an enterprise SEO project.

Case Studies

In my opinion, case studies are one of, if not the most valuable assets of an expert. They are an excellent way of showing how the consultant worked, what problem they solved, and, most importantly, what results they achieved.

Trusted by well-known brands

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several excellent businesses. They trusted that their SEO tasks were in the right hands and would deliver a good return on investment. Well, I think they made the right decision.:)

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About me

Szabó Csaba SEO szakértő

My name is Csaba SZABO, the SEO Tailor. Former Head of SEO, currently an International SEO consultant.

I have been working in the search engine optimization industry since 2017, but after hundreds of SEO projects & many valuable experiences, I decided to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams.

I have participated in several professional conferences over the years. I’m really proud that I could participate at the BrightonSEO conference in Spring 2021 as a speaker. To my chagrin (due to the still raging pandemic) only online.

If you want to know more about me & my work or want to read about why I love online marketing so much, click on the button below!

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